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Welcome Techie

Join techiefriends & make money at your schedule & rates

Anyone can join, a student looking to earn on the side or a computer technician looking to increase earnings or computer repair shop looking to increase the revenue & exposure.

Sign-up and take an assessment test to validate your skills & customer-centric behavior.

Benefits @ techiefriends


You have full control

There’s no office and no boss. You get to pick your hours, your rates, and your jobs. Work from home, the beach, or the bar. You are in command.


Charge your rates

At techiefriends, we believe you are the right person to decide the per hour rate for your time and level of expertise


AI assistance to help with Diagnostics

techiefriends platform would provide additional assistance to help you resolve tricky problems quickly and efficiently.

How it Works


Sign up

Sign up on the techiefriends platform. You will then need to submit a background check.



We assess your level of skill and expertise by scheduling an interview and a skills assessment.

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Start making money

Update your profile. Describe your rate and skills. Make yourself available to support customers


Why should I join techiefriends?

techiefriends is building a tech community; to make tech simple for everyone. Following are some of the benefits and differentials against alternatives:

  • Flexible work schedule: You decide what time you are working. And you can change your schedule anytime. You don’t need anybody’s approval. You are your own boss.
  • You define your services and rate: It is almost like running your own tech support company where you decide what services you would offer and what you are going to charge. Without the hassle and cost of establishing a computer shop and marketing.
  • You don’t need formal tech degree to join. Anyone good with technology/devices at home and having good foundation in networking along with problem solving skills can join techiefriends and start earning. To be successful in this business you need to be helpful, friendly and patient with non-tech savvy people.
  • Paid weekly and full transparency: techfriends platform will pay on weekly basis. Platform provides you with the complete view of all the tickets you have resolved, money you made and future scheduled tickets. You always have complete visibility.
  • AI to help resolve problem quickly: techiefriends is committed to help techies to resolve problems quickly and make more money. In near future we would be providing the AI based tool to assist you with the diagnostics.

How can I join techiefriends?

Three simple steps

  • Sign up: Sign up and fill in your profile information
  • Techie assessment:
    • techiefriends will schedule a discussion and an online assessment.
    • Background check requirements. We will provide you details from where you need to get the background check and submit it to us.
  • List services and start earning: After techiefriends provide approval, you start listing your services on techiefreinds platform. And you are in business. (Help screens will guide you in detail on how to list your services)

How can I start my computer repair or tech support business?

  • Lot of advice and information is available on internet on the topic. Main point is you would need capital investment for setting up a shop and funds for marketing and establishing your business. It would take time to establish yourself in the market.
  • With techiefriends platform we are making it quite simple for you to start your own computer repair business. By providing a platform where you can easily list your services and build your reputation. techiefriends will be working to get customers, depending upon the services you have listed. And then it is your job to make customer happy and satisfied with your services so that you get amazing feedbacks to help you standout.

Can I work part-time at techiefriends while studying or working full-time?

  • Yes, techiefriends is build with an idea to provide additional earning for people who are full-time working or studying and can spare some time over the weekends or evenings to provide their services to help people with tech issues.
Note: Full-time employees need to ensure that their company has no objection in doing part-time work at techiefriends.

I have a computer repair shop, can I join techiefriends to expand my business?

  • Yes, we welcome all technicians to join the techiefreinds community and expand their business. After sign-up, when you fill in the profile information, kindly provide your company (computer shop) details. All technicians at your company who will provide services at techiefriends platform should also register under your company name. techiefriends will settle the accounts weekly to the company account for all the technicians within a company.

How do I list my services?

  • You should try and list your services such that customer can easily understand the services like Virus or Malware removal or Printer Configuration. As per our experience, it is better to offer per ticket service if the service you will usually takes more than an hour example data backup and restore could take more time and for such service you should keep that aspect in mind and charge accordingly.

How many and what type of services can I list on techiefriends?

  • Unlike some other tech gig-work platforms, you can list any number of services at techiefriends platform. Each service must make sense and should help customers with their tech problems or issues. Services listed should be inline with techiefreinds “terms of service”.

Do I need to have professional insurance?

techiefriends platform, would cover up to $1 million for professional liability (errors and omissions) for the remote tech support services delievred over the platform using techiefriends remote access tool. Following are high-level coverage terms: - Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance up to CA $1 Million. - Applicable, only while you are working on techiefriends order and delivering services over techiefriends platform. - Applicable, only if claim first is made against techiefriends. - You should always be working through the secure connection and with 2FA. - The insurance does not protect any intentional misuse or misdoing with a customer.Coverage is worldwide. You can always get relevant professional or errors and omissions insurance. That would cover you for the situation if claim is made directly on you or you are providing services outside of techiefriends platform.

Do I need a background check?

Yes, everyone who would be providing tech-support at techiefriends should have criminal record check certificate and it has to be mailed directly to

Which agencies provide background checks?

We want to ensure that within our tech community, we don’t have people with the criminal
records or with bad background checks. Hence, we would like to ensure that anyone joining us
has background check from the local government or associated services. Some of the
recommended background check services providers by region are mentioned below.
Canada, or or RCMP USA India
Police verification from local authorities

How can I remove myself from the platform?

You should first deactivate all your listed services, make sure nothing is pending to be paid to you for the services delivered. Then you can send an email at to remove you from the platform.