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Tech Support numbers of known brands

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A connected lifestyle is part of our life. Devices, hardware, and software systems are growing rapidly in our households. With them, you can entertain yourself, work from home, and do some house chores. Experts at techiefriends can help with 90% of the tech issues, however what if you encounter an issue directly with the product or service. You have to contact brands' customer services or tech support centers.

However, these days it is getting so difficult to find the right information to get the support. We have researched so that you have all the necessary information on how to reach out and connect with giant tech support providers.

Based on Google keyword search volume, the highest search for the support contact is for these brands Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, and Verizon. We are not saying, these brands are not reliable, this is a reflection that these products and services are most used.

To avoid the frustration of waiting and holding for the right person to show up you can always use apps like Fast Customer.

This article will walk you through the most important contacts for these top brands customer support agents, bots, articles, and other resources:

1. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft O365 gives you a collection of powerful productivity apps to expand your productivity, organize your life, and protect what’s important.

Do you have questions about O365? Microsoft customer support is ready to help you. There are several options you can choose to reach them wherever you are:

a. Product Support Homepage

This page will allow you to get answers to all your queries. You can opt to download and use the ‘Get Help” app in your Windows 10 or proceed to contact the support in the browser.

The link will take you to their Virtual Agent. Here, type in your issues briefly, then click the appropriate links for answers.

The same Homepage also has a link to Microsoft Store Support. On this page, you’ll get a plethora of links that will guide you to suitable answers.

Scroll down and click the Microsoft 365, Office, and Windows help, then click the Microsoft 365 icon. Here, you can head over to any 365 apps and contact support for an issue related to that app.

b. Global Phone Numbers

Did the above option fail to answer your specific questions? Or are you looking for more personalized attention? Feel free to give them a call.

Head over to their global support numbers page, then scroll down to the region where you reside. After clicking your area, you’ll find the number to dial under your country.

c. General Inquiries

If you’re looking for answers to general answers about the O365 product, you can also reach the support via:

· The toll-free phone numbers 1800 102 1100 or 1800 11 1100

· Direct dial: +91 (0) 80 40100 3000

2. Apple support

The innovative world of apple offers many iPad, iPhones, accessories, expert devices, and entertainment.

If you’re experiencing any problem with their products or services, you can easily reach their customer support via the following options. Before contacting them, be sure you have your serial number ready.

a. Online Support

Apple offers an online support system to save you time. Through this option, you get instant answers to your queries. Enter your serial number and hit the ‘Continue’ button.

If you need repairs, click on the specific device’s icon (for example, iPad). The link will direct you to where you can find a local service vendor for your Apple device. The providers may have limited availability due to high demand, but rest assured you’ll get their services.

b. Global Phone Numbers

You can easily reach the support through a phone number provided under your country or region.

People in the US can access support via various phone numbers depending on their products: education, enterprise, accessibility technology, app store, apple cash, etc.

c. General Support

You’ll find support contacts for general sales and product inquiries on the ‘Contacting apple’ page. It provides contact information for:

· Apple Online store

· Apple Retail Stores

· Business, School, or personal Financing

· Consultants

· Authorized Training providers

· Business products

· Apple Premium Sellers

· Apple solution Expert- Education

· Stolen or Lost Products

· Apple shop etc

3. Verizon Support

Verizon strives to transform the way we interact by connecting people, technology, and industries to one another.

As you build your future together with Verizon, you may encounter some issues or queries. But don’t worry- they have robust means through which you can contact their support and get things back up and running:

a. Chat with Verizon

Verizon chatbot allows you to get answers to your queries quickly. You can also initiate the chat from their support page. At the press of the ‘Chat now’ button, a chat window will pop up. Here, you’ll click a button relevant to your issue and proceed with the chat.

The chat system provides answers for:

· Mobile devices and plans

· Home internet, TV, and phone service

· 5G home internet

· Billing

· Account

b. Facebook Messenger

Do you desire to go social and chat with a human agent on the go? You can reach their social response team via Facebook Messenger any day at any time. Type in your issue and let the chat begin.

c. Mobile Phones

You can call Verizon to have your issue sorted. We suggest you do so from 8 am-12 pm and 2 pm-6 pm for a shorter wait time. For:

· Mobile: 1 800 922 0204

· 5G Home: 1 800 922 0204

· Business: 888 378 3113

· Shopping: 1 800 225 5499

We realized that the support allows you to schedule a call back with them. The agents will call you back as soon as possible for your home and mobile issues.

4. AT&T Customer Support

If you’re an AT&T customer, you must be enjoying a robust connection with other people and what you need to thrive in your everyday life. The experiences and stories are just endless. And their support is always ready to handle your issue- from simple technical hitches to a severe problem.

The technical support is available around the clock on Monday to Friday 8 am -7 pm and Saturday 8 am – 5 pm local time. You can access them via:

a. Phone call

They are a call away. Just dial 1 833 788 7797, and you’re there. But if you’re looking for personalized and swift answers to your issues, here you go:

· Technical assistance, order, and billing: 1-800-288-2020

· Upgrades, extra services, and products buy new phones or change data plans: Call 1-844-433-0113

· AT&T billing, wireless service technical support: 1 800 331 0500 or dial 611 on your AT&T mobile phone.

Their support website page provides contact links to various services’ support.

b. AT&T Community

The company boasts of a friendly community. Here, you can get answers to common problems. So feel free to join the conversations in the various forums.

c. Go Social

AT&T customer support also interacts with people on social media platforms:

Wrapping Up

You now have the contacts of top brands tech supports or customer services. But if you would like further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach Techiefriends experts. They’ll ensure you get back to your feet as soon as possible without any hassle.

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