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Your tech is smart but not invincible

We provide, immediate & affordable tech support for any device, anytime

Find the right techie for the tech issue

Don't spend hours searching for a solution, get immediate help.

Avg. price $5 - $25

Why get a tech help services?

Quick and right resolution

Don’t spend hours searching for a solution that may work at a sub-optimum level. Or wait for your family or friends to help you with the tech issue. Service price is so affordable that it would make sense to get help then wasting your weekend.


We provide easy, instant access to a community of tech experts, to solve any technology issue you could ever have with almost any device you’ll ever own.

Unlock the full potential of the technology you own!

We provide instant access to a tech expert to solve any technology issue you could ever have. From setup and real-time troubleshooting, to discovering all your device’s amazing features, our tech experts help you unlock your device’s full potential – so you can be more productive and stay connected.

Tech guidance & Training

Make your connected lifestyle more comfortable. Learn how to connect to Bluetooth, stream audio, wirelessly print, change the parental control setting or securing your internet access and, much more. Recording of how your problem is resolved is shared for your learning and reference.  

Our Commitment


Easy and Safe Tech Support

Easy to pick & schedule time with the Techie. Activities performed on your computer are recorded and shared with you.


Trusted Skilled Technicians

Every Techie is carefully selected, skills validated, and background checked.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever required to make it right.



Tech Support Services We Offer

Speed up slow computer

Virus or malware removal

Connect Google home or Alexa

Slow home WIFI or home network analysis

Install, uninstall or update apps on your phone or computer

Interoperability problems of smart home devices

Access to your email account or other accounts

Data backup or transfer data to cloud

Install printer, fax or scanner drivers

Setting up appropriate parental controls on the home network

… and many more

How it works

Our Differentiators


Accessible Home Tech Support

One-time remote support service, no subscriptions, no contracts

Unparalleled holistic home tech support for a wide variety of devices and their inter-connectivity

Our services cover a wide variety of devices to ensure all your devices work together smoothly


AI to Enhance the Experience

Artificial intelligence helps match the right person to the right job

Advanced skill assessment process and methodology practiced

Intelligent diagnostics capability to expedite problem resolution



Providing efficient, trustworthy, and cost-effective home tech-support

All actions taken on your device are tracked and recorded

All activities monitored by a 3rd party verification services

How it Works

Three simple steps


Step 1 : Write your problem or query in simple English

Based on your problem, the platform identifies a technically qualified technician available to help you immediately. Using advanced AI tools, we classify your situation and match you with the right technician. You don’t have to spend time guessing who is the right technician for the problem you are facing.


Step 2 : Choose the Technician

Select the technician from the shortlist based on technician rating, rate, language, and availability. Our technicians are skilled and proficient in a variety of functions that support technology. Technicians are also required to submit a background check verified by a competent authority. So that you can pick any of the shortlisted technicians with confidence.


Step 3 : Instant Resolution

The technician will remotely connect to your computer or mobile and work with you to resolve the problem through a secure connection. The technician will connect at your scheduled time or immediately as per your convenience.


About Us

Interconnected lifestyle, at our homes, has significantly improved quality of life. Technology at home is helping with surveillance & security, health & wellness, elderly care, smart entertainment, and energy management, to name a few. However, this all has added a layer of complexity of interoperability and connectivity as well. To date, only businesses have had reliable access to support for their technology needs, leaving everyone else from home-based working professionals, busy parents, learning-from-home families, retirees, seniors to fend for themselves, when it comes to solving technical issues as well as simply learning how to properly utilize the increasing number of devices in the average households.


We at techiefriends are committed to transforming the tech-support for home and small businesses by making it simple, affordable, safe, and efficient.


techiefriends is a two-way market platform where the technicians and anyone needing technical support can register themselves to provide/get the technical assistance services. We support communities at two levels a) People with tech skills who what to be their own boss or looking for an incremental income b) Communities looking for safe and reliable tech support at an affordable price.  The platform provides the underpinning assurance of quality and reliability of services by properly validating the skills and background of the technicians along with the complete recording of the services delivered over the platform.


We are Canada based firm, and a team of four co-founders with a collective experience of over 100 years in the fields of IT, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing & Partner Relationships. We built this platform with a single mission that there should be a simpler and affordable way to support communities struggling with routine tech issues, spending hours researching the internet or asking friends and family for help. We think we are on the right track and looking forward to building a global tech support platform.

Technology and Business Partners


Different from traditional tech services

Don’t spend hours searching for a solution or waiting for family or friend to help with tech issue. We provide easy & instant access to community of tech expert to solve any technology issue you could ever have.

Easy & Fast Resolution

Unlike traditional support, we are not forcing you to have a subscription or pay higher for one-time. We provide simple on-demand support at an extremely affordable price, with no hidden charges, you pay what you see. Avg. prices range from $5 – $25

Unbelievable Affordable

We go beyond troubleshooting and help you get the best out of the technology you own.


No problem is too small. Given service price is so low you can ask any simple or complex tech question.

Friendly & Supportive

We record and share all activities performed on your laptop/phone/device by our tech for transparency and future use.


Every service is backed up by an Insurance.


Tech’s skills are vetted, and background checked.

Trustworthy &


Learn how to connect to Bluetooth, stream audio or wireless print, and many more. We share the video recording of what steps tech experts did so that you can easily follow. You can further share the recording with your friends and family.

Tech guidance & Training

Regardless of brand, operating system, or device, we make sure you get the most out of your technology

Supporting 2000+ Smart Devices

Common tech requests, we get REGULARLY

Please advise and help with the best backup options for my Smartphone/Laptop.
How do I stream music from my GoogleHome/Start TV/Speakers/Car Audio?
Why did my Printer/Scanner stop printing from my Laptop/Smartphone?
Kindly assist with setting up new Laptop, restoring data and configuration email.
What should I do to avoid choppy voice during my video conference calls?
Why my security camera is not working with my Wi-Fi.
How do I transfer contacts/data from my old device?
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